Frequently Asked Questions
What will be the poster format for the poster sessions? All posters should be printed in size A0 portrait. Posters printed in size A0 landscape will not fit on the display panels.
When can I apply? See the main page for the important dates and the application page for more information on the process.
What will I need to complete a full application? To apply you will need to complete your personal information, write a short comment about how would you benefit from taking the course, provide a resume in pdf format, a poster title and abstract, and a reference letter.
What is the poster session? Posters are a long-standing tradition at the MLSS. Each applicant is asked to bring along a poster presentation covering some of their own work. This does not need to be published work (ongoing work, or work resulting from undergraduate projects is also fine, were applicable). While the day program covers broad areas of general interest, the poster sessions offer participants a chance to discuss their own work with their peers. The poster presentations will be a relaxed affair: Posters will be distributed across a room, with participants presenting to small groups of two or three standing in front of their posters.
Do I need to present a poster? We encourage people to share their work with other participants during the poster sessions. Although a poster presentation is not mandatory, this information will be used to evaluate the applications to the MLSS.
What is the format and size of the poster? This information will be provided soon.
Hotel and Travel Information? The organization of the summer school will not cover travel nor accommodations but we will partner with hotels to offer to our participants better rates. More information will be given to accepted students.
Is there any travel support and reduction of fees for students? Yes, the organizers of the MLSS will give a small amount of travel stipends and free registration fees for students. Please, specify that you need travel support in the registration form and enter the estimated amount of money. Your letter of reference should mention that you need financial aid. You should use the comments box to add additional details about your circumstances.
I am not affiliated with any university or company currently. Can I still apply? Please write “None” in the affiliation field and provide additional details in the comments box. You will still need to provide a letter of reference.
Can people working in the industry enroll in the school? Yes, there are some slots reserved for people from the industry.
Can the reference letter be from a supervisor at my company? Yes, the reference letter can be issued by an industry supervisor and should detail the applicant knowledge on machine learning, statistics and computer science and indicate how they will benefit from the course.